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Jude Stewart + Company

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Jude Stewart is a tremendously talented author and journalist who owns a content strategy and development agency.

Her site needed to cleanly showcase her many workstreams to varied audiences (professional clients for the firm, editorial clients for her journalism, and designers looking for the two books she has published).

I capitalized on the venn diagram in her personal logo to visually establish her portfolios. The resulting site is tightly knit, easy to navigate, and as bright and fun to browse as Jude (and company!) are to work with.

Fantasy World Database (for the Real World)

Working with a startup publishing company, I extended WordPress to track characters, locations, guilds — and real world marketing and social media.

Authors are able to flesh out their characters, the publisher can cross reference various details of the world, while the social media team can easily track when and where each item has been advertised.

Gagen MacDonald

I joined Gagen MacDonald, a strategy execution firm, as their first visual consultant — and my first project: tackle the website!

What started as a marketing project quickly evolved a secondary use: an internal intranet of services offered and consultant expertise. We were able to connect different areas of Gagen in new ways, extending expertise and tightening internal relationships.

Beyond the redesign, we expanded the content and structures multiple times over the years: adding a blog, interview archives with industry leaders, and promotional holiday microsites.

Gagen Valentine

While many companies celebrate the winter holidays, Gagen MacDonald celebrates Valentine’s Day.

For one celebration in particular, in a collaboration with the entire marketing department, we created an interactive site for our network of clients and friends of the firm to publicly celebrate their co-workers, bosses, and their clients — raising awareness about Gagen MacDonald at the same time.

Let Go & Lead

Let Go and Lead is Gagen MacDonald’s assembly of industry leaders.

Via video conversations, written interviews, and podcasts, each leader shares their unique perspectives the changing world.

I designed and maintained the project’s branding and website through multiple generations.


→ Launch site

Leslie Monieson is a professional executive coach that helps clients achieve more by shifting their mindset.

I worked with Leslie on her branding and website, building it in WordPress and Divi to ensure it would easily scale up as her practice expands.