Print Design / I work with design firms and small businesses to produce a wide variety of sales and training materials.

James Schnepf Photography

For photographer James Schnepf, we deviated from the traditional approach of large images on a portfolio cover to an oversized, letterpressed book that could not be easily ignored.

Two editions were created, Inspiration and Authentic, allowing James to speak directly to different audiences.


Created while at Conjure

Hire Kellogg

A brochure for the Kellogg Career Management Center to help connect graduates and employers. 

Leadership in the New World

I designed and illustrated booklets and various meeting pieces for a workshop given by Gagen MacDonald.

The theme, wayfinding, and activities were designed around reading the currents of energy within a team and how a leader can successfully find the best path forward.

Clover marketing books

A series of booklets for Clover, a payment processor for small businesses. As part of the design process, I also developed an icon library.