Presentations / I regularly work with internal communicators that are tasked with heavy information and are short on time.

Resource allocations

A deck for a pharmaceutical company guiding internal departments on requesting and securing resources for various projects.

Using icons and tightly curating colors, I created easy-to-follow maps throughout the piece.

Getting from A → B 

Commonly, I work with presentations on the theme of “We are here, how do we get there? With the following plan.”

In these situations, I’m especially cognizant that answering questions before they get asked saves everyone time — and helps win proposals.

Let’s rethink slide counts

Communicators are often given a set number of slides and are forced to squeeze in tons of information.

Let’s rethink maximum slide counts as menus and maps to better show calendars, plans, and data.

With this approach, I was able to significantly increase understanding without fatiguing the audience.

Employee engagement campaign results

Following an extremely successful employee engagement campaign, I helped a team of communicators showcase our results. Continually proving our worth to our client, we were able to win more and more of their business.

Internal communications map

Project scrubbed of confidential information

By creating an official message map, a team of internal communicators were able to streamline approval and delivery.

By creating an easy-to-follow guide, I ensured the plan itself would not get lost.