Logos & Identity / Standing out from the crowd or helping internal audiences find their path.

Collaborating on the brain

A logo and icon system created for a pitch to Deloitte. DeloitteNet created collaboration within and between departments and levels of the business.

Smile for Birdie

A logo for a photographer’s studio. I focused on soft colors and a welcoming character to help the camera-shy feel welcome.

3 day workshop with 3 distinct audiences

As part of a business shift, a national hotel chain held workshops across a 3-day weekend. Management, chain owners, and investors were all invited to attend specific seminars.

I created a branding system with distinct palettes for each audience, ensuring members and materials were easily matched.

A recruiting and operations program

LEARN is the internal recruiting program for an international agriculture business. Their partner, OpEx, controls and reports on the internal operations. I created an identity system that connected them.

Japanese for Kids

Osaka was an app to teach kids Japanese. In addition to the logo, I illustrated monsters for various lessons (learning directions, ordering food, about nature, etc.)