Infographics / I love giant, messy piles of information that need to be cleaned up, categorized, and tightly packaged.

A map for change

Project scrubbed of confidential information

For a professional services firm, I created a map to showcase the shifts in business strategy.

This graphic helped departments and individuals see the big picture of “We are here, we are going there, and this is why.”

Global communications by the numbers

Project scrubbed of confidential information

For a national manufacturing company, I mapped out a year’s worth of internal communications to showcase the variety of channels and huge successes they gained.

Showcasing our worth, the team and I were able to significantly increase the number and scope of projects the client sent us.

Employee value proposition infographic

Project scrubbed of confidential information

For an industrial supply company, I created a series of graphics showing their employee value proposition from multiple angles.

Used as a recruiting tool, I helped candidates understand the great value of joining my client.

Core timeline

Project scrubbed of confidential information

For a global pharmaceutical company, I created a timeline in a drill core shape — showcasing the significant changes coming along a specified time limit.

Secondary ribbons allowed me to pinpoint department changes and targets.

Page Up infographic

A recruitment infographic for Page Up, an organization for senior communications leaders on their path up corporate ladder.